Telephone Services,Inc.

"Established in 1971"



The Central Office Equipment division was added to the core company of TSI in 1975.  It was established as a contract engineering and installation group directly to the local Telephone Companies.  The rapid pace of equipment development and the swift changes that occurred by divestiture has allowed companies such as TSI to align with major manufactures, i.e. Nortel, Alcatel, ADC, etc., to become involved in many different market places.  The new market places, such as the long distance carriers, cellular, and fiber optic networks gave a new meaning to Central Office Equipment that was not entirely appropriate to the business TSI was evolving into, such was our direction that TSI now offers the same type services but not only to the local Telcos, but to include the whole arena of clients in the telecommunications industry.

TSI has maintained the strict high standards of skills that are demanded by not only the Telcos but also the telecommunications industry as a whole.  TSI keeps their employees keenly aware of the ever-changing demands of the fast paced industry we have chosen to be a part of since 1971.  With this in mind we hope that any working relationship encountered with TSI will show YOU, OUR CUSTOMER, that we value your reputation as highly as we value our own.  TSI has long recognized that if our reputation were tarnished, we would not have survived the longevity that we so proudly stress to our employees.